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Friends of Food is a public communications campaign that aims to encourage the uptake of meal planning habits among young adults, in an effort to reduce avoidable household food waste in Singapore

In resource-scarce Singapore, meal planning is a simple and effective way to do our part and reduce food waste. Join us as a Friend of Food and aim to live sustainably by meal planning so that we have enough food for generations to come — for the love of food!

Avoidable household food waste refers to food disposed of at home, such as leftovers or expired food. It excludes unavoidable food waste, such as bones and shells, and food waste from eating out. 


We are a group of final-year undergraduates from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University.


As foodies, we live to eat, so we can’t bear to see our food friends being thrown away, and we know that none of you want to do that too. We realised that there is a lack of understanding in this simple yet effective way — meal planning — as a solution to individual change. Thus, we decided to embark on this journey as we all learn how to meal plan properly and reduce food waste together as Friends of Food.

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Alyssa Goh

Team Lead & Research

Choong Yun Xin

PR & Liaison

Samantha Chai

Branding & Content

Zoe Ee

Design & Content

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